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Akwa Ibom State was renowned for the quality of its schools, and could boast of having the best teachers. It is a matter for deep regret, that from this glorious past, we have moved down from 14th position in 2015 to 17th in 2018 in the WAEC ranking and to a point where our public education system is in complete shambles. The entire foundation school system requires a complete overall.

Within the first 100 – 180 days, we will:

  • Declare a state of emergency in the education sector and convene a summit of stakeholders and experts to discuss and adopt the way forward for the sector.
  • Increase support for our students in tertiary institutions by raising student bursary from N5,000 to N25,000 per session
  • Institute an annual award for the overall best-performing secondary school in the State in WASCE/NECO exams
  • Institute an annual award for the best-performing secondary school in the sciences in the state in WASCE/NECO


The new school system of our dream must reflect our ambition to raise global leaders of tomorrow in public administration, science and technology.  If our children must be great, and their days glorious, we must build the foundation for their future greatness today. Present school curriculum will be reviewed to reflect 21st century realities.

We will computerize the teaching and learning processes in our schools and tweak our educational curriculum to favor the skills and competencies demanded by the modern world supports our ambition to raise world leaders.

We are totally committed to a dramatic increase in funding education from the current 1.6 percent of the State budget to a progressive increment towards meeting the UNESCO target of 25 percent by 2023.

A special intervention fund of N30 billion will be considered for the upgrade of libraries, laboratories, sport facilities, construction of new school blocks, and generally improve the learning environment for our children throughout the State.

A programme to decongest overpopulated schools by building new ones in the same localities will be implemented within two years of my assumption of office. A committee of experts will be raised to help government work through the new way of educating the Akwa Ibom child.




The cornerstone of our administration’s health policy is Health with Hope; a strategy to reverse the indicative negative health indices of the State, restore hope in our people and offer a system that makes deliberate efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of our people.

Two major considerations will drive our administration’s BHI strategy in health care delivery:

  • BHI will ensure better access to cost effective, quality health care, provided through primary and secondary health care facilities in the State; and
  • BHI will ensure a substantial and sustained investment of our resources to establish and develop state-of-the-art tertiary health care facilities that meet international standards of quality health care. This will facilitate new jobs for our people in the health sector, reverse medical tourism and will generate revenue for the State which we will reinvest to continually improve health care delivery.

Some of our BHI strategy will include:

  • institute a comprehensive health policy titled Better Health + Care Initiative (BHI)
  • renovate / build and equip them with modern facilities and trained manpower 10 secondary health care centres in the 10 Federal Constituencies
  • supplement general hospitals with cottage hospitals and equip them with functional facilities and relevant technology;
  • renovate, modernize and adequately staff the State’s existing 424 primary health care centres to ensure access and availability of primary health care;
  • provide accelerated training of all categories of medical personnel to alleviate the existing shortages;
  • establish the Ibom Medical Cityas a flagship project using existing facilities at the Ibom Specialist Hospital to provide tertiary medical services to our people and to serve as a regional centre of medical excellence.
  • partner with Local Government Councils to establish a rural arm of BHI, titled Better Rural Health+Care Initiative BrHI), which will be a preventive health care service on malaria, diabetes and blood pressure control, immunization and vaccination, as well as ante and post-natal care. The lives of our people matter.
  • provide a new ambulance scheme (BHI+Ambulance) to handle medical emergencies. BHI+Ambulance will begin with 15 ambulance services: five (5) in Uyo metropolis and one each for the 10 Federal Constituencies. Within the first year we would have established one in each local government, attached to the local government headquarters.



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